Frequently Asked Questions
about Public Relations Process

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What is public relations process?

See Process.

Why be concerned about public relations process?

Because your internal and/or external client always asks the question, "What have you done for me lately?" Public relations professionals increasingly are thrust into a position of proving their bottom-line value to organizations they serve.

Who should be in charge of public relations process?

The leader of a public relations unit. Process improvement is driven from the top more than the bottom. If an executive is interested in process, subordinates find better, faster and less expensive ways to serve clients.

Where should public relations process be done?

Wherever client service is performed.

When should processes be improved?

Constantly. Public relations service organizations should review processes at least annually to determine opportunities for improvement.

How do you improve a public relations process?

By understanding what you do now and how you can enhance service. This requires analysis and observation. It calls for pre- and post-change testing and regular measurement.

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