Public Relations Process

What is it?
When do I use it?

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What is it?

Public relations process:

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) recognizes there are always opportunities to serve internal or external clients better, faster and less-expensively.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) accepts that client service can be measured and improved.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) understands that people serve clients and not computers. Hence, process helps public relations professionals use technology well.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) uses widely available computer/software and online technologies to serve clients better, faster and less expensively.

Keys to public relations process include:

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) People: People use online and electronic software/hardware tools to serve clients. If they don't know a tool, they cannot provide services well or at all, OR service they provide is incomplete and expensive.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Training: A software package like Microsoft Office can serve clients in ways that are beyond the skills of many public relations professionals. A common word processing package provides tools that many public relations professionals cannot use. Training guides professionals to better, faster and less expensive ways of using software/hardware tools they might have already.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Focus: Public relations process focuses on tasks that professionals must do today and shows them how to work better, faster and less expensively while serving clients. Classroom training is a poor substitute for on-the-job guidance. A public relations professional is no different from anyone else. What seems easy in a classroom suddenly becomes difficult on deadline and under client pressure.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Leadership: Change comes from the top. If a public relations executive is determined to provide better client service through process, it will happen. If the executive ignores process, change will not occur.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Persistence: Anyone who has helped professionals change work practices knows that it is hard work requiring patience and endurance. There are failures. The key is to stay with a change until it becomes comfortable behavior.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Measurement: Public relations process estimates gains from changing a process before the change is made and tracks benefits after the change is implemented.

When do I use it?

You use public relations process constantly. You might not be aware of processes you use for serving clients. If you type on a computer, that is a process. If you maintain a Rolodex, that is a process. If you talk on a phone, another process. If you go to meetings, process again. Some of your activities are efficient, and some are not. Some things you do serve your clients well, and some could be better.

You should examine public relations processes annually and schedule improvements. Even a process that you have improved can be bettered over time as you understand how you work and what more you can do to serve clients better, faster and less expensively. See examples.

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