FAQ's on Web Site Launch Planning

What is Web site launch planning?

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Why do Web site launch planning?

Web site launch planning is the same as planning you perform for launching a product, service or event. Planning helps you reach the largest number of a target individuals in the shortest time with the news about your Web site. This requires coordinating activities on several fronts.

Who should do Web site launch planning?

A public relations professional should be able to do launch planning for traditional media. A professional concentrating on on-line public relations should be able to perform online launch planning.

Where do you target Web site launch planning?

Web site launch planning, like traditional public relations planning, should be targeted at audience(s) you wish to influence. Traditional and online media are vehicles through which you reach target audiences. Your media plan should target on-line and traditional journalists who communicate to target audiences.

When should you do launch planning?

Launch planning should commence before Web page development is complete but after the bulk of the Web page is finished so planners can use it as a resource.

How do you do launch planning?

Start with the business and communications objectives for the site and target audience(s) then work through messages and media.


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