The Online Audit

What is it?
When should I use it?

What is it?

An online audit evaluates likely acceptance of online sites/services among targeted users.  Services include:
Online market analysis and overview Target audience identification and analysis
Marketing/Communication goals implementation Site upgrade/enhancement recommendations
Technology evaluation Ongoing competitive analysis
Content audit Traffic monitoring and server log analysis

Components of a content audit:

Review content/service offering

Review competitors content/service offering

Site review with client

Joint audit with review questionnaire

Recommendations for content/service improvements

When should I use an On-line Audit?

There are at least two times when you should use an online audit.

The first is BEFORE you build a Web page (or other online service) and the second is AFTER you have built your Web page (or other online service) and you want to check its effectiveness.

There are tens of millions of Web pages.  All compete for attention and some communicate against your messages. An online audit lets you find out what the environment is before you spend time and money.

If you have (or want to have) a Web page or other online communication, an online audit checks each part of your online activity against goals set for it. An online audit provides specific and actionable recommendations to help you achieve communications goals. See sample questions for an online audit.

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