Online Investor Relations

What is it?
When do I use it?

What is it?

Online investor relations helps a company track trading in its shares, monitor speculative activity, distribute information to potential investors and maintain contact with key investors and influentials.

Online lets a company post key information where one can find it quickly while making investment decisions and respond to routine requests that otherwise take up an IR professional's time. Online lets a company expand on news stories that do not carry its complete message or to correct inadvertent errors.

Online investor relations includes:

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Web site investor relations (counsel and maintenance): If you have or want a Web site for investor relations, you must be willing to update its information constantly to be of use to investors.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Analyst briefings using the Internet as primary/supporting medium: This is a time-saving use of online. Analysts can download company briefings without contacting a live person or listening in to investor calls. The benefits of such an approach is that an analyst can be better prepared when talking to a company representative.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Rumor control: The Securities and Exchange Commission and NASDAQ hunt for speculators who plant rumors to manipulate stock prices.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Investor contact:  It is faster to contact investors online than by mail or faxes.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Online Q&As: Frequent questions about a company can be answered quickly and easily through online questions and answers. The benefit of online is that it allows for addition and revision of answers immediately without the lag of printing and dissemination.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) Cyberchats with company officials: Cyberchats are like a phone conference but done online with written questions and responses.

Green_Ball4100.gif (257 bytes) E-mail and online newsletters to current and prospective shareholders: It is as easy to keep an e-mail list of current and prospective shareholders as a mail list.

When do I use it?

If your objective as an IR professional is to get company information out to investors and potential investors quickly and efficiently, use online.

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