FAQ's on On-line Events

What are on-line events?

See on-line events in services.

Why do on-line events?

On-line events are an accepted tool in several industries where the ability to interact with individuals by the thousands is well understood. Commercial on-line forums, such as AOL are skilled at arranging forums for celebrities to talk to fans, for authors to converse with readers and physicians to give advice. Many on-line events are similar to talk radio or television, except they are held in an on-line medium.

Who should do on-line events?

Public relations professionals and event specialists.

Where should you do on-line events?

Choose a site with high traffic including such commercial services as AOL.

When should you do on-line events?

Use them as a complement or substitute to live, on-site events to extend your reach.

How should you do on-line events?

On-line events require both technical knowledge and traditional public relations/publicity skills. If you are not familiar with how to set up an on-line event, seek technical help. Commercial on-line services have producers who set up and schedule events, and they are a source of information for their services.


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