FAQ's on Online Content Development

Why worry about online content development?

Because it's different in format, presentation and effectiveness.  Some Web developers still think of online content as a brochure. This was and is boring and a disservice to those who want to know more about you.

What is online content?

See online content in services.

Who should develop online content?

Developing online content is the job of trained writers and designers. It is not a task for a Webmaster or committee. Content should be clear, persuasive and in logical chunks.  This requires creative and presentation skills. Content includes sound, data, text, still and animated graphics.

Where is your content best represented online?

This is not an easy answer. Some will say the Web, but that might not be true. Commercial online providers such as America OnLine and CompuServe provide outlets that might be better suited for your target audience. Before you make a decision where to post your online content, do an online audit.

When should you consider changing online content?

Revise online content regularly. The Web is an interactive medium that builds relationships with individuals. You need to nourish the relationship constantly through the information and content you provide.

How should I develop online content?

Carefully against business and communications objectives.  All online content -- graphics, data, text, motion and sound -- should complement messages you wish to send about yourself.

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