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Public Relations - General  
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Public Relations - General

Online PR Thoughts
Internet Marketing
Prowl Public Relations - Student PR agency
Social media marketing blog
Minnesota Public Relations
Marketing Professors' blog
Neville Hobson
Online PR
Brands and branding
Commcore consulting
Online marketing
Strategic Public Relations
Blogs for marketing and business
Journalism and PR
Seth Godin
PR News blog
Marketing Memos - technology
PR and marketing
Media Culpa
The Future Buzz
News and articles about communication in Spanish
What's Next - Ochman
PR Communications
PR Disasters
Below the fold
The flack
Bad Pitch blog
Spin Sucks
PR conversations
Ron Torossian
Maine PR Maven

Directories and Aggregators
DS Simon Vlogs
50 best blogs for PR majors  

Focuses on PR and global warming


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